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We are the


we know you can reach anything with your bold and passionate kitchen team.

This is how much you can save in a year, with a team of six cooks, when you help them

search your recipes faster.

Euro saved
"Mise en place is the religion of all good line cooks."

Manage your kitchen team

with MEP.kitchen and

save time

Manage your recipes and team in one place.

provide constant quality

Make your recipes available for your team so they can cook everything perfectly.

generate more revenue

With happy guests, you have more chance to gain their trust, so they'll come back.



Collect and Share your recipes in one place

Just to make it clear, we are not planning to replace years of experience and make an application to create an instant chef. We think that chefs with years of experience, have already a huge knowledge base and have already a lot of recipes to store and use in their kitchen. Not to forget about their own creations.

The creativity happens in the kitchen, we only help to get the team online.



Within our platform, you can bring together your team and solve upcoming challenges.

Create and share your team’s daily tasks as a To-Do list in our platform and plan the production according to reservations or groups.


Train easily a new team member

After all, you will have an all in one tool for a newcomer to be able to perform as soon as possible.


We love Gastronomy

About the Team

Our concept was born from our constant communication and from the eager to solve challenges.

Our unique pair consists of a professional cook with experience in Antoine Westermann’s, Hervé Pronzanto’s kitchen in Vienna’s colorful gastronomy scene. The co-founder István is a Chef with 12 years’ experience, already leading a 5-star hotel’s kitchen on daily basis as the Chef de Cuisine. He has been working for years not only in independents restaurants but also in 5-star hotel chains, where there are a lot of rules and standards, but there is no clear practice in kitchen communication.

The other half, Ágota is a trained gastronomy professional, who decided after graduation to add Digital Marketing knowledge. It was clear for her that gastronomy needs to go and make his own technical waves.

we are here for you chef,

let's talk!

We are designing the App at the moment. 🧠 🥩 🤓 🍳

If you have any comment, feedback or want to use the app as soon as its ready, please contact us on Messenger or visit our social media sites.

Ágota / CEO / agota@mep.kitchen

István / Chef / istvan@mep.kitchen

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